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At The Loft, we consider Vitaplex to play a significant role in achieving the best for your hair during the colouring process. This specially formulated product not only protects and prevents damage to the individual hair structures but also improves your hair's strength, volume, and shine.

We highly advise that you take advantage of this extra product to add that extra level of lustre and vitality to your hair. At the salon, Vitaplex 01 Bond Protector is mixed with your colour before application. It protects the hair's inner and outer structure from damage, preventing loss of strength and breakage during the colouring or lightening process.


Vitaplex 02 Bond Re-constructor is a unique, bio-mimetic strengthening treatment applied directly to your hair at the backwash after your colour has developed.

As an optional extra, the Vitaplex Aftercare Kit can be purchased and used at home to maintain that fresh salon look for longer.


The Aftercare Kit contains:

Shampoo, Conditioner & Preserver Part 3

Hydrates, Strengthens & Protects
Enhances the action of VITAPLEX
Mimics the Keratin Structure Intelligent Peptide Replacement


Vitaplex can also be used as a standalone treatment to help improve damaged or tired hair.

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