Revive and Shine
(add-on service)

Revive and Shine requires a skin test to be performed 48 hours before colour application.
No colour or skin test can be performed 16 days after a COVID-19 vaccination.

from £37

Revive and shine is a bespoke add-on backwash service on offer at The Loft Hairdressing. The service uses semi-permanent colours and toners, and takes no longer than 30 minutes to complete and can be added on to any styling service depending on the colour of your hair.


Revive and shine can:

Add shine

Add colour and shine

Revive blondes

Allow you to experiment and have fun with wild and bold colours                                                            (however, this can only be achieved on very light blonde hair)



At The Loft, we insist on only providing you with the best professional product ranges from A.S.P